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The beginning ...
1999 - 2001Our homepage only had two poor photos and little text.
June 2001At last! Four pages and many pictures with guestbook and counter complete our homepage.
May 2003My birthday. Unfortunately the counter does not work anymore, so forget it and get a new one! A great advancement is now the english version.
May 2004Do we have Christmas? We get a chatbox and integrate a garden photo. Additionally we get a new design.
September 2004A very important update: Our daughter is properly appreciated on our site. Some people missed the baby photos already.
November 2006Additionally there is now a page for the photo gallery. One more important update: new dog, pregnancy, and birth.
January 2011Birth of the third child.
September 2011New children photos have been added. My guestbook and the chat page fail final clearance of junk for both of them.
FutureThe Engelskotten stars may know it …


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